About Abuesi

Abuesi is an urban fishing community located in the Shama District, about 14 miles to Takoradi, the capital town of Western Region, Ghana.

Ethnic background- The inhabitants of Abuesi are predominantly Fantes.

Religious background- Christianity is the dominant religion, followed by Islam and some traditional religion.

Economic background-   predominantly fishing and trading of fish. Majority of the fishery workers are illiterate. The fishing industry in Abuesi has seen significant decline in the past two decades. Some blame this trend on the oil activity around the coast, while others put the blame on some fishing methods and practices including light fishing and dynamites.

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The declining fishery industry has negatively affected incomes which has reduced the quality of life in the community.​ The fisher folks are no longer able to self-finance the socio-economic developments as previously done.

Abuesi used to be a centre of attraction to most fishing folks from other fishing communities. However, in recent times many youths have migrated to other cities in search of greener pastures.

While some youth from the town have found alternative jobs in other towns and cities, the middle-aged and the elderly have nowhere to turn. Standards of living have been falling and will continue to fall if nothing is done about the situation.

With no direct government intervention to either revive the fishing industry or provide alternative livelihood, the future of the people of Abuesi is dire.

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