Due to the high illiteracy level in the community, many people have had raw deals from fellow citizens, organisations or service providers. For instance, many people have been dismissed from work without the necessary due processes. So many injustices have been perpetuated in the community unchallenged. There are no activists within the community to champion the needs and rights of the marginals and vulnerable people in the community.

The decline in the fishery industry has not only caused loss of income and unemployment; it has also caused low self-esteem amongst the fisher folks particularly the elderly in society. The situation has led to some people engaging in social vices such as taking drugs and other bad habits.

We will also adopt some therapeutic interventions to boost the self-esteem of the elderly. We want to be advocates to provide information and signpost people to right people and services. The foundation will champion and find voices for those who don’t have the voice as a result of disability or other social exclusion or challenges. The foundation will dialogue with all stakeholders and build a strong voice against any policy decision or practice that does not auger well for the people of Abuesi. The foundation will help create an awareness on critical issues, offer training and counselling on socio-cultural issues that affect the people of Abuesi.

Our advocacy priorities
  • Support vulnerable people with basic needs such as food, clothing, health care, errand etc.

  • Support with caring responsibilities for the elderly and those with disabilities.

  • Help organise town hall meetings and public education.

  • Provide comfort such as talking therapy, restore confidence to the elderly.

  • Help the vulnerable and champion their cause.

  • Make referrals to other agencies for further support.

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