Abuesi has lots of sanitation and environmental challenges including lack of toilet facilities, chocked gutters, waste dumping and coastal erosion. Very few households have toilet facilities. The public toilets in the town are woefully inadequate. As a result, many people practice open defecation around the coast and fields around the town.

The nonexistence of recycling facilities means large portions of household waste, liquid waste and plastics are dumped around the coast of the town. Some of the wastes are washed off by the sea which has long term negative effect. There are several rubbish dumps around the coast of the town as seen in the photo below.

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The few sewerages across the town are often clogged by indiscriminate dumping of refuse. Flooding occurs any time there is heavy downpour of rain.

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Our sanitation priorities
  • Help make Abuesi clean and tidy 

  • Help provide tools and equipment for clean-up exercise 

  • Help provide public toilet facilities.

  • Help provide waste collection facilities.

  • Help construct public gutters.