There has been huge progress in the education enrolment in Abuesi over the last two decades. Until the 1990’s, many school-going age in Abuesi preferred going to fishing or engaged in some fishing related activity. Those were the time when the fishing industry was booming, and the temptation to make quick cash was quite high. The decline in the fishing industry has meant that many people now see education as the route out of poverty.

Despite the encouraging enrolment record, many students finish school with disappointing results. There are some challenges that needs to be addressed for students in Abuesi to realise their full potentials. School infrastructure needs to be improved. Some school children still study in a very deplorable conditions- unsuitable furniture, leaking roof, overcrowding, lack of study materials, poor water and sanitation facilities. Many schools’ infrastructure is not suitable for children with disabilities. The school environment must be safe and secure for all children to learn. Effort must be made to prevent violent against children by parents, teachers and other adults.

Many parents desire their children to attend school but cannot afford the costs. Due to poverty, many school children spend school hours or out of school hours to engage in some economic activity to support their parents or themselves. Many school girls cannot afford to buy basic items like sanitary pads. Such life challenges can increase the risk of teenage pregnancies, child marriage which prevent some school girls from furthering their education.

Our education priorities
  • Help increase school enrolment.

  • Help mentor pupils and students.

  • Help organise vacation classes and exam tutorials.

  • Help supply sanitary products to school girls who cannot afford to buy them.

  • Help supply educational materials and facilities. 

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