The Abuesi Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up by a group of people in Ghana, Europe and USA. The founders are all natives of Abuesi, a fishing community in the Shama district, Ghana. The foundation is registered in Ghana (Reg No. CG015630322).

The foundation has four main focus- sanitation, health, education and advocacy, abbreviated as “SHEA”.

What is the rationale behind our choice of priorities?

Sanitation- typical of most coastal towns in Ghana, Abuesi has poor sanitation and waste management. If the poor sanitation is not tackled, it will lead to spread of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea etc


Health- poor sanitary condition often leads to ill health. There are several reported cases of death from common preventable diseases within the community.

Education- school enrolment in Abuesi is encouraging but the schools have lots of infrastructure challenges including furniture, computers, toilet facilities, books and stationery. The children also have life challenges including lack of parental support and teenage pregnancies.

Advocacy- the down turn of economic activities in the town has led to loss of income. Many people who previously had good lives have suffered low self-esteem. Many people particularly the elderly have no where to turn. Alcoholism and other social vices are on the rise in the community.

The four priorities of the foundation are summarised below;

Sanitation- helping to improve the quality and environmental conditions of Abuesi

Health- empowering good health and well-being of the people of Abuesi

Education- helping to improve access and quality of education in Abuesi

Advocacy- providing relief and assistance to elderly and other vulnerable people in Abuesi

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds from members, individuals and organisations to improve the lives of children and the elderly in Abuesi, Ghana. Every fund raised will be spent to improve sanitation in the town, good health care, education as well as providing advocacy to the most vulnerable.

Our long- term goal is to foster a more constructive approach and eliminate the dynamite method used by the locals in catching fish, which is the main occupation of the people in the area. We are enthusiastic about promoting clean -environment and reduce pollution.

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